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What is Lunar Joy Box?

Lunar Joy Box is an event-based subscription box for kids from 0-8 years to encourage them to learn and celebrate their Muslim identity in a fun way to help them become confident Muslims.

How much does Lunar Joy Box cost?

Subscription to Lunar Joy Box starts from $29.99 for one event. The more events you subscribe to, the more you save.

What age does Lunar Joy Box cater to?

Lunar Joy Box offers boxes for kids 0-8 years, which are segregated into boxes for children aged 0-4 years and 5-8 years. The box is curated in such a way that you are sure to find at least some items that your child from 0-8 years can enjoy.

What is inside a Lunar Joy Box?

Lunar Joy Box contains 6-8 goodies revolving around a specific Muslim event that focus on developing and strengthening children’s motor and intellectual skills, creativity and learning. There will always be a couple of goodies that your child can share with friends too!

How are the goodies selected for the boxes?

The essence of the Muslim event is at the core of curating Lunar Joy Box. We take into account what that particular event is celebrated for, what activities are done during this event, what people wear, talk about etc. in the hopes of imparting the knowledge about that event. Then this information is translated into activities, goodies and crafts that kids will learn from and enjoy doing. Care is taken to include goodies that encourage development and strengthening of motor and intellectual skills and creativity.


Can I order just one box, instead of a subscription?

Yes! When you subscribe to ONE EVENT, you can order just one box. Go to the SUBSCRIBE page and choose ONE EVENT.

What if I just want to send Lunar Joy Box as a gift and not subscribe?

You can do this! Just click on the GIFT tab on the navigation bar of the HOME page. Follow the steps and you are done! You will still need to create an account, though. If you are not interested in renewals, just UNCHECK the box for renewals.

How do I log in to my account?

You can log in to your account by clicking on the LOG IN button found next to the checkout button on the far right corner of the navigation bar on the HOME page.

When will my Lunar Joy Box ship?

Lunar Joy Box will ship between 5-10th of the month that has a corresponding event e.g. Ramadan boxes will ship between 5-10th of May, Eid boxes will ship between 5-10th of June and Hajj boxes will ship between 5-10th of August.

How long does it take for my Lunar Joy Box to arrive?

It may take up to 5 business days for your Lunar Joy Box to arrive after shipping.

Can I track my Lunar Joy Box shipment?

Yes! Once your Lunar Joy Box has shipped, you will receive an email confirmation, which includes a tracking number.

One of the items in my box arrived damaged. Is there anything you can do?

We are so sorry to hear that you received a damaged/defective item. We make sure this doesn’t happen during our packaging process, but this can occur (especially if your box was handled roughly during shipping). Please send a photo of the damaged items to


What is your Refund/Return Policy?

We do not offer refunds or returns, even on unopened boxes or goodies. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, please email us at and we can discuss how to make you happy. If your account has renewed (your card has been charged) and you do not wish to receive the box(es) that you've paid for, please contact as soon as possible to let us know. We are happy to give refunds for UNSHIPPED boxes, but we cannot give refunds once the box has shipped.

How do I Cancel my Subscription?

We'll be sad to see you go, but here's how to cancel your subscription: Login to your ACCOUNT using the 'LOGIN' button at the top-right corner of the navigation bar. Once you're logged in, find the subscription you wish to cancel (subscriptions are shown on the left-hand side of the Account Settings page) and click 'EDIT'. Here you will see the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button - click it. Select the reason you chose to cancel your subscription and click the YES, PLEASE CANCEL button. Once this is done, your subscription will be successfully cancelled and you will receive our cancellation e-mail shortly. We'll still ship you any remaining boxes left in your plan, but your subscription will not renew at the end of its term. You can always LOG IN to your Lunar Joy Box Account and REACTIVATE your subscription if you decide to rejoin. To do so you will follow the same steps as above, clicking REACTIVATE instead of CANCEL. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail once your subscription is successfully reactivated.

I cancelled my subscription, but I was still shipped a box. Why?

This is because cancelling a subscription only means you will not be automatically renewed for the NEXT subscription cycle. You will still receive any boxes that you have paid for this subscription. It does not give you an automatic refund. If you do not wish to receive a box from your current cancelled subscription, please email us at to give you a refund. Once a box has shipped, we are not able to give a refund. Standard fees for processing the refund will be deducted from your refunded amount.

I cancelled my subscription but I still want to receive thebox(es). Will I still get them?

Yes! If you were billed for the box(es) that you had subscribe for, before you cancelled your subscription, you will still receive the box(es) that you have paid for. Cancelling a subscription simply means you do not wish to renew your subscription for the next subscription cycle.


I got a new credit card. How can I update my information?

When you LOG IN your account, you will see an EDIT button at the bottom right, next to your credit card details. Click this button and you will be able to change your details on the next page.

When will I be billed?

If this is your first time signing up you will be billed immediately for your first subscription according to the subscription plan you chose. After that, you will be billed on the 15th of the month prior to the month of the event for the next cycle.

How do renewals work?

When you sign up to Lunar Joy Box you will be charged immediately for the subscription model you have chosen (1, 2 or 3 events). Once your subscription cycle is over, you will be re-billed for the same cycle until you decide to switch to a different plan or cancel your subscription.


I'm a business selling items that would be a good fit in your boxes! How do I get my items into a Box?

If you think your items will be a good fit for Lunar Joy Box, please email us at with GOODIES VENDOR in your subject line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have a YouTube channel/blog. Will you send me a free box in exchange for a review?

If you are interested in reviewing the Lunar Joy Box in exchange for a free Box, please email us with necessary details about you at with FREE REVIEW in your subject line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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